Korbinian Schmid works as a producer, director and storyboard artist of feature, commercial and image films for several years.
He finished his degree in theater and film directing at the Athanor Academy of Performing Arts and completed further training as a production manager (CCI) in film and television production.
As a storyboard artist, he realized numerous storyboards and floor plans as well as concept art, character designs and set designs for international feature film projects and commercial film productions.
After years of intensive work, he deepened his expertise in the film department and has already worked with the legendary cameraman Jörg Schmidt-Reitwein.​​​​​​​
In addition to his work in film productions, Korbinian Schmid runs courses and seminars, eg. for the Bachelor’s degree course "Media and Communication" at the University of Passau and in the ambit of ​​"Financing and Calculation" for the PAIQ Producer Alliance Initiative for Qualification.
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